Gregg Goldston



A Mime Performance by Gregg Goldston



“Can You Imagine?”


Gregg Goldston’s mime performance sends his audience into a world where the invisible becomes visible and the non-verbal becomes louder than words!

His School Assembly stimulates the minds of both students and teachers alike.  Goldston presents an intelligent yet entertaining show that subliminally triggers the student's brain into an active participation between the artist and their own imagination.


  Before they even realize it, they begin to visually "read" his thoughts as if they were reading a story in a book.  More than that, Goldston's "Language of Silence" allows their mind to actually be writing their own words to his mime plays and creating their own story based upon their personal experiences and imagination.


This is why Gregg  calls Mime...

The art of "your" imagination.



“Gregg Goldston is a mime extraordinaire who brings the art of movement and silent storytelling to enrich school assembly programs.  Our students were riveted watching his precise and graceful movements."


"The comedic pieces were so enthralling the children howled with laughter.

For weeks afterward, the children were still discussing his memorable performance."

- Lori Jorgensen Fischer ,  PTA Co-Vice President - PS 321 Brooklyn, NY


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