Gregg Goldston




After teaching for 18 years in rented studios around Time Square,

has been to have my own teaching space!


And now, I can offer you what my students really deserve,

a relaxing place to work without any distractions, or the lack of time needed to learn what they've come for.



For me:


I have always been frustrated watching my students stand at the door and be waiting for the class before ours to finish.

And, how upset they'd be when that class would go over time, and cause us to lose our own time.


What was even more disappointing to me, was when we would be performing our final improvisations...

and our time would run out and the next class was knocking on the door!



Most Importantly:


The best is after the class,

if you want to show me something special you've been working on, or want some feedback on an upcoming audition...etc.


Imagine how great it'll be to stay afterwards and have the time for these types of conversations.


Even just to talk it up about the class, the art, or just getting to know those you're working with.



That's the vision of

Studio Bronx!


My 15 x 20 foot studio is

in a lovely little neighborhood, that's quiet, friendly and very easy to get to on the D-Train.

It's just above Yankee Stadium.


20-minutes or so from 59th Columbus Circle,  30-min from Times Square.

East Siders can come up the 4-train, and transfer to the D at Yankee Stadium.


1555 Grand Concourse 2U

D-Train at 170th



Well, I have finally solved all that and more...


Now, you can come early and warm-up in the studio.

You'll have plenty of space for your coats, and bags and not even have them lying in the studio you'll be working in.



having a refrigerator to keep your snacks or drink cold or

even brewing up your favorite cup of tea before class.


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