Gregg Goldston



A Duet Mime Performance by

Gregg Goldston and Haruka Moriyama




Imagine a time when nothing is stronger than your own imagination.  Imagine hearing your mind tell you what you see and hear when there is actually nothing there, and not a word is spoken.  This is the power of the art of mime and throughout their performance, Gregg and Haruka takes their audience into a World of Wonder where everything is as clear as if words were actually spoken and scenery was placed around them on stage.


The result is a mesmerizing show where each student and teacher interprets what they are watching as if they were standing inside of each play presented.  It is a world filled with words, but not the words spoken by the performers, these words are created in the minds of each audience member.


This is the magical result of their Wordless World,

it makes you Wonder!


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