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For decades Gregg has worked outside of world of mime, coaching Word-based theatre productions and Film.  He has coached stage and film stars JULIE HARRIS and ANNE HATHAWAY and a broad variety of NY Solo Artists, Sketch Comedians and Dancers.

Below are words from artists he has personally coached and/or have enhanced their work at his Mime & Physical Comedy Classes.


“Gregg has greatly improved my capacity for physical storytelling.  As an actor, I’ve found mime and acting overlap, as both involve close observation of physical life as well as physical transformation.  Gregg’s techniques gave me the ability to effortlessly convey different characters with my body, as well as increased control, grace, and precision in performance.  He is a singular, tremendous talent and a clear empathic instructor.  I would recommend his work to performing artists in all disciplines.”

  •   Amanda Quaid (Actress and Indie Film Maker)


"Gregg's energy, imagination, precision, and artistry as a director brilliantly helped me embody the characters and heighten the story in my one-woman show. He worked as a sculptor shaping my rhythm and physicality while lovingly honoring my material and lifting it to a new level."

  •   Libby Skala (Writer & Performer of her own Solo productions)


"Gregg is one of the greatest gifts to my work on my solo show, My Three Moms.  He is an intuitive and gifted coach for actors and has greatly enhanced the specificity of my performance both physically and emotionally.  Gregg is more than just a coach, but a spirit that guides me to the truth of each character I am playing.  With physical ease and grace, he has helped me "magically" morph from one character to another and continues to fine tune each movement until we get it right.  Gregg is highly insightful and keeps me grounded in each character's thought and environment as we work.  Frankly, I couldn't be at the high level of performance I am with my show without his supportive and watchful eye.  Gregg has transported my work beyond what I thought was possible as a solo performer." 

  •   Virginia Bryan (Writer & Performer of her own Solo productions)


"Gregg is a master performer with a nuanced and sophisticated command of movement.  He easily breaks down and articulates physical comedy principles from a place of clarity and experience, and generously shares his techniques.  We are lucky to have him!"

  •   Jonathan Kaplan (Sketch Comedian, Actor and European Clown Artist)


"Gregg Goldston teaches mime with the perfect blend of precise form, impeccable comic timing and incredible patience, As a physical comedienne and actress, Gregg's classes sharpened my body language as well as my awareness of how my movement reads to an audience.  No one understands the rhythms and intricacies of physical comedy more clearly than Gregg.  He is a true virtuoso!"

  •   Carol Lee Sirugo (Actor, Sketch Comedian, and European Clown)

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