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Over the past 40 plus years, Gregg Goldston has coached and/or

directed a broad variety of artists in stage and film including Solo Performers, Cabaret Singers, Ballet and Contemporary Dancers,

and Sketch & Stand Up Comedians.

~ Coaching is available Online using Zoom ~

Goldston's decades of performing and coaching experience enables him to assist artists improve and/or refine their performance level as well as their personal work.

Below are just a few of the areas he specializes in:

  • "Physical Comedy"  -  Comic Timing, Comedy Phrasing & Delivery, and Gag Creation.

  • "Sketch Comedy" (For Solo or Groups )  -  Object Work, Establishing Locations and Physical Characters

  • "One Person Show"  -  Creation, Scene Development, and Performance Coaching

  • "Word Theater"  -  Audition Preparation, Physicality & Character Development

  • "Word Theater"  -  Scene Development, Expanding the Non-Verbal thought process between the Words

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