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A Five Stage ~Six Week Program

    The "Five Stages" are set in the following order to what what type of training is being focused upon.  Throughout the program, elements from other stages will be combined in order to properly learn what is being emphasized in a specific stage.  For example, while learning illusionary work, you will be also learning mime acting.



The program begins with the physical techniques create by Marcel Marceau, and further developed by Gregg Goldston. The first stage will cover body isolations, hand positions, how to stand, walk and move with grace and style. We then move forward to cover stage presence, how to how to look confident on stage and properly hold an audience. We will also cover elements such as slow motion, moving in various rhythms and character development.   


   As you complete this stage you will have a strong confidence as a performer, and be on your way to developing your own style and persona.


    Having gained confidence in your physicality a mime, we wil then move into creating an invisible world.  We will begin with learning to create invisible objects such as a wall, window, door, chair and so on.  As well, we will cover the classic illusions such as the walk-in-place, leaning on a counter, and climbing stairs and ladders. We then learn to create “locations,” such as a night club, a temple, a living room, and so forth.  As well, you will learn how to show invisible people as well as ways to show both indoor and outdoor locations. 


    As you complete this stage, you will have a broad understanding of how an audience sees the illusionary world and you’ll be able to create any type of object and location on your own.



    We now move to my favorite stage: Mime Acting. Meaning, learning how to show a clear non-verbal thought process, a “visual sentence.” This phase let’s us begin to combine everything learned so far.  You will now begin to use your mime acting to show how you think and feel about the illusionary world you’ve learned to create. 


    As you complete this stage you will be ready to take all that you have learned so far and move into exploring how to be comical and dramatic as a mime artist.



    Now the real fun begins! We have arrived at the stage of learning short mime scenes. 

Here we will explore how to perform mime in a comedic way as well as dramatically.

We will perform short scenes created by Gregg that are designed to teach you the basic elements each form.  Furthermore, you will learn sequences from Gregg’s plays he performs in his show.


    During this stage, you will not only have learned about comedy and drama, you will have learned the basics of mime choreography and now be ready for stage five!



    Now we arrive at creating your own mime scenes and plays. Stage five combines everything you’ll need to know

to begin creating your own plays, and eventually your own show. You will first learn the “four play-writing structures” by creating short scenes in each one. During this stage I will be giving each of you some personal coaching.  I will be asking you post short scenes you’ve created to our private page so I can give you suggestions and ideas for improvement.  There videos will be there for all of us to enjoy, and each of you can post comments and complements to each other.  This all becomes a great time of bonding with each other both as artists and friends.


    During this final stage you’ll experience how large and limitless mime is as an art. 

As the program culminates, you’ll see how mime has become your own personal playground.

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