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In 1975, Gregg Goldston saw a performance by Marcel Marceau and immediately began his pursuit of the art of mime.  Born in Los Angeles, Gregg first trained under Richmond Shepard in Hollywood, then moved to Salt Lake City.  By 1979, he had written and produced three two-hour solo performances, opened his own mime studio, and began touring his show throughout the Western States of the USA.  In 1980, the Ohio Arts Council encouraged Gregg to relocate his Mime Foundation and School for Mimes to Ohio.  From 1980 forward, Gregg continued to his “One-Mime Show” across the United States and later Internationally.  In 1986, he created “The Invisible People,” a 7-member mime company that toured Nationally and Internationally until 1997.


In 1980, he founded The Goldston School for Mimes Summer Intensive in Ohio.  The School hosted Five Two-Week Summer Seminars by the legendary Marcel Marceau, who stated to the press: “Goldston is creating the first generation of American Mimes.”  In 2000, Gregg was an Assistant Performer to Marcel Marceau during his 2000 to 2002 USA tours.  In 2004, Goldston performed lead roles during a week of the final performances of the Marcel Marceau Nouvelle Compagnie de Mimodrame in the USA.


In 2000, Gregg moved to New York City.  He presented his performance and continued to teach Mime and Comedy at his NY Mime Studio.  In 2007, Goldston and Haruka Moriyama Co-Founded “The Funny Bones Mime Trio” for the Lincoln Center's "Meet the Artist" Series and in 2014, the co-authored a new show titled: The History of Modern Mime


In 2008, Gregg Goldston created “The School of Modern Mime” Summer Intensive. In 2013, Goldston and Haruka Moriyama created “The Goldston Moriyama Mime Intensive” and staged a Two-Week Intensive in Rome, and in 2014, they held a second Intensive in Berlin, Germany.

Beyond his work within the Mime world, Goldston’s teaching and directing credits include: The American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive 2006, Mime Coach for Anne Hathaway for the film: Ella Enchanted, and also Mime Coach for the legendary film star Julie Harris for a stage play entitled: Hanging Fire.


Gregg also created two short videos for the Sesame Street show as The Goldmime, titled K is for Kite and V is for Violin.


In 2015, He premiered his first Full-Length Evening performance: “Weeping in Silence” at the 15th Annual Mime Art Festival in Warsaw.  Currently, Gregg Goldston and Haruka Moriyama are working to take the “Weeping in Silence” style deeper, by Co-Authoring a full-length company performance titled: “Sonatas of Love.”

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