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A Five Stage ~Six Week Program

Wednesday, March 17 to Saturday, April 24 - 2021


Over the Six Weeks, the program will include:


~~ A Weekly  2 to 2 1/2 Hour Mime Class.

The class takes place on Zoom Meeting, where we all can see and talk with each other.

~~ All Classes, Interviews and more are saved to our "MimeXcel" private page to view later, and over and over.


~~ Private Videos Made By Gregg, Where He Speaks and Demonstrates

The Specific Topics and Techniques Covered During The Classes.


~~ Live Zoom Video Interviews with Gregg and a Prominent Mime Artist


~~ Participants Will Have Access To A "Private Drop Box" Where They Can Download:

Gregg’s Class Music and His Mime Grammar Pages,

Be Able To Watch Gregg’s Performance Videos Not Available To The Public.


~~ Participants Will Have Access to a Private MimeXcel Facebook Page where:

~ All Classes And Interviews Will Be Available To Re-watch.

~ Participants Can Post Questions for Gregg To Answer.

~ Participants Can Post To Each Other About the Classes.



Send The Following to

Your Full Name. City, Country, and Time Zone.  


Please also briefly answer two questions: 

Why do you want to take this program?

What do you want to accomplish during it?


The Fee for the Six-Week Program is $350 USD

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